Alexander Molnar is the author of five best selling action adventure novels.  His first, "Mission: Hong Kong 1944-1945" was followed by "Mission: Alpine Redoubt", then came "The Land Beyond Time, An Adventure in the Amazon"; "Sweet Revenge, An Adventure in East Africa", and his latest, "Blood Cheaper than Oil". 

Al is also a contributing author to "World War II in Europe: An Encyclopedia".

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Noting certain irregularities, a US Congressional Committee investigates the oil industry for abusive business methods and price manipulation. But just hours before an oil company CEO could testify and reveal a seventy-year-old secret, he is brutally murdered along with his entire family. With this, “The Circle” thought their big secret -- the one they’ve been fiercely protecting all these years -- is safe.

Or so they thought.

The executions were meant to send a chilling message to anyone who dared betray “The Circle”. Little did they know someone kept a diary of those clandestine events that happened over seventy years ago in pre-war Nazi Germany . . . and this journal is about to be discovered.

So begins Alexander Molnar Jr.’s thrilling and fast-paced action adventure novel Blood Cheaper Than Oil. It takes place in the last months of 2005, when two lives -- intertwined in the past -- fatefully meet again in the present. It is a story about how far individuals will go to protect their corporation’s profits and their use of deception -- the manipulation of the press and people by exploiting their fears and gullibility -- to get, at all costs, what they want. The lies, secret deals, and other cold-blooded means used to expand their bottom line: PROFIT.

Finally, it is the story of the total disregard for the world’s most precious resource -- the human being -- proving that, in some quarters, blood is cheaper than oil.

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          Sweet Revenge is the story about the love of two families, one destroyed by an oppressive regime, leaving one survivor, a woman named Petya, who swears revenge on anyone associated with those who slaughtered her family;  and a newly wed couple (Al and Carol Ranlom) on their honeymoon aboard a luxury freighter heading to Kenya for a safari. 

          Petya’s and the Ranlom’s path cross in the Mozambique Channel.. when pirates hijack their freighter, seizing its precious cargo.  Al and Carol are tossed into the fray… and discover something terrible beyond belief - the intended use of biological weapons.   Together Carol and Al race against the clock, trying to stop the terrorists from interrupting and killing a number of world leaders (Presidents, Prime Ministers, and a Queen) gathered together off  the African coast for the secret signing of a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine.


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            IN LATE 1944/early 1945 the Nazi government
began to earnestly shift its records, funds and key personnel into the Alps of southern Germany. Massive amounts of looted treasures and art were shifted into nearby caves, tunnels, and other hideouts, while some 60,000 Nazis swarmed into the region. It was here, in the Alpine Redoubt, constructed with the sweat and lives of thousands of concentration camp victims that our story begins; It was here, the Werwolfs were attempting to slow the Allied advance by killing Eisenhower and other leaders; It was here, that a lone Allied agent discovered the unthinkable, Hitler is alive and in the Alpine Redoubt; It was here, that the remnants of the collapsing Reich would fight the advancing Allied armies for another 2-3 years, costing the lives of an additional 300,000 Allied soldiers; It was here, beneath the ashes of the old Reich, that the dreams and fortunes of a new Reich would spring forth when the time was ripe.


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MISSION HONG KONG: 1944 - 1945


Just four ounces are required
    to obliterate over 78,000 people...

        An arsenal of chemical weapons possessing unbelievable destructive potential have been developed by the Japanese military of the Second World War.  Only four ounces of the potent formula are required to obliterate more than 78,000 Allied Marines and soldiers about to conduct an amphibious landing on Saipan.  A determination to prevent Asia from being overrun by an Allied attack factors into Japan's decision to strike with all their strength.

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        is a non-stop, fast paced, action packed adventure that takes place in the jungles of the Amazon River.  An aircraft crashes into the Amazon, and the survivors are pitted against each other, their own fears of the unexplained, and two hostile tribes where the law of the jungle reins supreme, survival of the fittest is the rule.  It is a story about traitors, sabotage, espionage, greed, hate, love and romance, cold blooded murder, and jungle justice. Read more....

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