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GCWA Annual Anthologies

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Katrina Memories:

Stories from those who lived through

“The Storm”


Edited by Philip L. Levin

Mississippi Profiles:
Stories of Memorable Men and Women of the Magnolia State
Edited by Philip L. Levin

Rocking Chairs
and Afternoon Tales
Edited by Philip L. Levin and Grace B. Lebo

Mississippi Gulf Coast
and Neighboring Sites

Edited by Philip L. Levin



Magnolia Blossoms and Afternoon Tales

Stories and Poems from the American South


Editor in Chief, Philip L. Levin

Edited by Richard E. Creel and Grace Lebo


Cover Art -- A Condominium on the Yacona River --  by ALICE MOSELEY, Folk Artist

Sweet Tea and Afternoon Tales
More Stories from the South

Edited by Philip L. Levin and Dixon Hearne


Out of Print


Teacakes and Afternoon Tales
New Stories from Mississippi

Edited by Dixon Hearne and Philip L. Levin

Out of Print