Lottie Brent Boggan, Author

Lottie Brent Boggan is the mistress of finding humor in the darkest situations. A long-time contributor to The Northside Sun Newspaper, she is also an author of several novels, editor of a number of anthologies, and an avid dog lover.

Saleta's Secrets 

"Are you afraid?" the noted author and writing instructor, Saleta Pelham-Parker asks Mary Clyde Webster, a naive southern lady whose past makes her easy prey for a femme fatal.

It's a shame Mary Clyde doesn't have a crystal ball. Already burdened by memories of her college roommate's murder, and her own troubled history, she might have given a different answer than, "No."

With friends like Saleta, Mary Clyde doesn't need enemies as she learns when she allows Saleta to come into her home. Mary Clyde finds Saleta's past could destroy her entire world, Will she be able to survive Saleta's secrets"

Definitely an antagonist to be feared. Lottie has created a nightmare, a venomous spider, in Saleta.
—Janet Taylor-Perry, author of The Raiford Chronicles

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