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Marion Bowman, Author


What does it mean to be a woman? Marion Bowman seeks the answer in Sailing into the Wind: A Memoir of Life Lessons. Transformed by the women's movement of the 1960s, she reaches to break free from society's label of "wife and mother" as the definition of womanhood. Reflecting on her own life after her sister's death and the ensuing questions of her children, Marion sits down to write about her life and ponders this in-depth question with raw honesty and openness.

Marion was born in exotic Belize, in the dusty coastal town of Stann Creek. The middle child in her family of three siblings and many cousins, they spent days fishing in sailboats and living a quiet life until relocating to the busy city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Shortly after college, Marion's path became similar that of other young women--a path to becoming a wife and mother. 

Love for her children fostered duty and self-sacrifice, while her role in marriage was guided by society's confines. Yet an ache began to churn within her heart.

In Sailing into the Wind: A Memoir of Life Lessons, the struggle of seeking one's own identity beyond that of wife and mother is examined, and how it's okay to want more. Recalling a love of sports and developing passion for adventure and travel, Marion grows in independence and learns to sail in the wind as she discovers what it means to be a woman in the world. Ponder this deep question about your own journey, and explore what it means to be a woman.





Marion Bowman has more than thirty years of experience within the realm of education at public, private, and international levels. She holds a BA in Elementary Education from LSU, an MA in Early Childhood Education with a specialty in Montessori from Notre Dame College in Belmont, CA, and also holds an American Montessori Society Consulting Certification.

She has served as an owner and manager of Montessori programs. In addition, she is a mother and grandmother. Marion has traveled the world, and lists more than 50 countries on her list of places visited. She loves sailing and sports, and is currently playing “pickle ball.” She lives along the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her beloved pup, Polo. She is already planning more adventures in the year ahead!

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