Billy F. Brown opens the curtain

to lawyers’ way of thinking

  New book tells readers ‘What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know’ 

" Lawyers are guardians of the people

about unreasonable and arbitrary behavior  "

In his new book What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know (published by Abbott Press) author, former attorney and legal professor Billy F. Brown explains what lawyers do, how law practices operate and the issues that clients and lawyers face when they work together.

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What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know discusses who a lawyer is and what he or she really does (or should do) in representing a client. The book expounds on these ideas by unveiling how lawyers work and communicate. Ideas are offered to help the client understand and solve the problems they encounter with lawyers and vice versa.

“Lawyers are guardians of the people about unreasonable and arbitrary behavior,” Brown says. “Some of the time, unfortunately, this behavior comes from your lawyer. No book has dared to reveal the inter-thinking of the legal profession characterized by the thinking of lawyers. People have been able to see the travails and consequences of lawyering, but have never been allowed on the inside of insight that takes place behind closed doors.”

Who is your lawyer, and what does he or she really do? That’s a question that’s not easy to answer—unless you go the source. And unfortunately, most lawyers won’t give you a straight answer.

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In What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know, Billy F. Brown unveils the mystery of how lawyers work and how they communicate. In simple language, he helps you understand what happens in a law practice, and he explains the problems clients encounter with lawyers and vice versa. You’ll learn

• how to determine whether you need a lawyer
• what questions to ask a lawyer
• why lawyers generally disagree with each other; and
• how to gain considerable advantages by understanding the legal process

Whether you’re a client, a lawyer, or someone in law school, this guidebook will provide you with important insights about the nature of the legal process. Get a rare insider’s look into the practice of law with What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know.


About the Author:

Billy F. Brown practiced law for over 25 years after graduating from law school in 1965 and retired as a reservist after serving 20 years in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps.


He has taught in a regionally accredited university as a tenured professor for the last 20 years, teaching business law, managerial communications, entrepreneurship, small business management, consumer behavior and other business courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Brown is also the author of “The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.”


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