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If I Swallowed the Moon


If I swallowed the moon,

what would you see?

Would my love be transparent

for all folks to read?


Would my words and emotions,

sparkle like stars?

Or twinkle like diamonds,

or fireflies in jars?


Would you see the reflection,

of my soul and heart?

My world all unmasked,

not a glimmer of dark.


Would you know me,

if my light - was all you could see?

No body or form

just my spirit set free?


'Twas a dream I once had,

in the dark of the night;

when the moon was a warm,

brilliant globe of pure light.


So if you awaken

with light in your room,

it may be that I have

just swallowed

the moon.

Life in the Pond



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Life in the Pond: Thoughts on Moonlight, Ripples, Hearts, and Frogs

I love this book. I read and re-read it. Each new reading brings a different meaning to the same words. I've attained a new way of looking at many things I've overlooked for a long time. This is one of those "WAKE-UP!" books that the world needs so very much. Thank you Ms Burns!

-- S. Groves

Life in the Pond: This was a wonderful read. I have it on my Kindle and have already read it several times. I keep finding more and more to relate to in this wonderful book. This would make a great Christmas gift for any reader. -- David K.Hogue

About the Author:

Joyce Burns lives in Tupelo, Mississippi with her husband Steve. She is a web designer, artist in the IT technology field for a local, regional medical center. Writing and art are her passions.

She also enjoys photography, electronic gadgets, reading books, computers, her rescued animal friends, gardening and meeting people from all cultures and walks of life. She also loves the South, it's rich culture and heritage and being Southern.

You can find her most days at www.chynamoon.com
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