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Camelot Games

When a secret political machine maneuvers California war hero, Scott McHale and his beautiful activist wife, Angie into running for political office, an entirely new and frightening evil is unleashed upon the American public. As the wildly popular Latino couple's success and independence grow, hidden kingmakers quietly put into play a plan designed to plunge the nation into chaos.

Nothing and no one is out of bounds. Treachery and treason, murder and manufactured mayhem propel an unsuspecting Scott and Angie closer and closer to the Oval Office. But when Scott goes off script, he suddenly vanishes in a smokescreen of sexual innuendo and scandal.

A bereft and bitter Angie is left behind to continue their golden legacy alone. Will she discover the truth in time to prevent civil war?


Release April 14. 2017

Excerpt from Camelot Games:

McHale heard his outside office door open. Angie called out, “It’s just me, Scott. I need a few minutes.”

“Are you alone?” he called.


“I can give you more than just a few minutes…if you like.”

He heard the door to the shower room open, then close, and the lock click. The rustle of cloth, and after a minute the shower door opened. Her dark hair looped behind tiny ears with a string of pearls her sole remaining attire.

“Oh, my goodness, Senator McHale. What do we have here? Were you expecting me or Mrs. Flores?”

He grinned and touched the soft skin around her breast. “I was kind of hoping for you. My God, you’re more beautiful every day.”

She stepped into the shower and for a few minutes, the world outside disappeared.

McHale dried second on the towel. By the time he walked out, she sat on the settee rolling a lipstick closed. A letter on White House stationery lay open on the coffee table.

He grinned. “Is that the invitation to lunch with the First Lady?”

She placed the cosmetic in her bag. “Yes.”

“Not bad for the grandson and daughter of Chicano field hands.”

“Language, dear. Latino, not Chicano. And my parents own the pistachio farm. Someday, that will be ours as well.”

McHale pulled at the tie’s knot and settled with a sigh onto the leather sofa. An electric fireplace filled one short wall with books on either side.

He pushed the White House envelope with a finger. “You’re due, Angie, you know. Who the hell else spends ten unpaid hours a day on the boards of directors for National Public Radio, the Red Cross, and Smithsonian, and then has time for the American Heart Association?” She smiled at him and tucked hair behind her ear. “But you know the real question is, how do we keep it going? I know it’s better to be lucky than good—”

“Stop that, Scott. They love you, that’s how you’ll keep everyone looking to you. Don’t give them anything they don’t want.” She straightened her skirt and leaned back. “You just need to pay attention to the polls and keep your eye on the presidential prize.”

He smiled. “Never utter those words outside our walls. Not yet, anyway. Naked ambition is not something the public appreciates.”

She watched him closely. “This will soon be our time, Scott. I know it. They know it. All we have to do is to convince you.”

He chuckled. “I love you, babe. Screw the world. I just want to sit here with you.” A knock at the door, and McHale glanced at the Seth Thomas on the wall.

“And, the world awaits.” She stood and picked up the letter, opening the door to Sylvia Flores. “He’s all yours until tonight, then he’s mine again.”


Levant Mirage

Levant Mirage exposes more than just fifteen hundred years of religious turmoil. The world faces a grim choice–submit to the demands of terrorists or face mass obliteration. Adam Michaels, son of a jet-setting mother and a heroic Syrian father is exonerated for his part in the bloodiest day of America’s longest war. Yet when he returns home, neither forgiveness nor understanding greet him. His ambitious and politically connected wife files for divorce, a conspiracy in the halls of the Pentagon places a target squarely on his back, and a Broadway actress believes she has fallen in love with him.

When a secret PhD dissertation is inexplicably declassified, Adam becomes the most hated man in the terrorist’s world. Believing he might hold the key to thwart a theocratic society of subjugation, a splinter group of extremists attempt to kidnap or at the very least, kill him. Undercover and often alone, Adam must decide between a failed national policy, a family he has never met, and just staying alive. With a billion lives in the balance as the planet’s societies crumble, Adam makes a choice that few understand and fewer will forgive.  Taken from the world’s daily headlines, the research, people, and places of Levant Mirage are real, even if the work is fiction.

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Marsh Island

(the Hirebomber Crime Series, Book 1) Paperback

After a crushing injury, Army Ranger Phil Pfeifer is left for dead in the mountains of Iran only days before the start of the Gulf War. America cannot reveal such a violation of national sovereignty mere days before Kuwait is invaded. The body may heal but the heart takes longer. Seeking a new life as a private investigator, Phil is hired to find a wayward husband who's become enraptured with stars and predicting the future. A simple case and the midlife crazies stop when a boat captain is murdered at his feet and the Mafia chases him through the backstreets of Las Vegas. Insisting that he must continue, the spurned wife sends Phil into the topics to face death, sharks, miles of open ocean, and prison.

Look forward to Blind Marsh, the second book in The Hirebomber Crime Series and the thrilling conclusion to Phil's adventure that includes a plot for murder at the highest levels that could change the face of world business forever.

Blind Marsh

(the Hirebomber Crime Series, Book 2) Paperback

Marsh Island is the story of Phil Pfeiffer, a former Army Ranger recluse turned private investigator escaping one heart-pounding step ahead of death, mayhem, and double blind clues. Kicking the ant pile was not Phil’s intention when Mexican authorities refused a widow her husband’s death certificate. Instead of returning for a successful payday, Phil ends up with a dead boat captain on his doorstep and on the trail of a psychotic hit man. Millions of dollars hang in the balance as he survives ravenous sharks only to be jailed for the death of his guide. As his simple PI life spins out of control, Phil struggles in a bizarre world of false evidence, serial bombings, and a thousand year old prophecy.  

Blind Marsh completes the Hirebomber Crime series when a malicious killer turns on Detective Phil Pfeiffer.  After the downing of a private airliner, a missing heiress, and the death of friends and clients, the private investigator pursues a serial murderer while America’s law enforcement runs low on ideas and clues. The executioner takes pleasure in shoving a battling Phil around the chessboard until both run out of moves in a bloody confrontation with the FBI.  Putting himself in the line of fire, Phil tries to thwart an ancient prophecy and an evil borne of greed and misplaced desire that will forever change the balance of the world.



Never tell a hormone-infused college kid that he cheated on a take-home exam.  That’s what happened to Oliver Chase at a small college in central Florida. The essay was pretty innocuous and easy but his grades before were dismal. The fix was in or so believed the professor. Oliver was promptly awarded a D and given a stern warning with no appeal.  He never cheated. He just liked the subject and had fun with the work. The next semester, he chose the same professor, took the same take-home exam (in the classroom this time), and earned an ‘A’ in thirty minutes. He didn’t give a wit about the subject and was out to prove something.

Oliver graduated and would be able to fly, which was really all he ever wanted. The war was on and the Marines offered a way.  He took it. Some five years later, Oliver was a vet with a DFC and a long list of combat missions. In his opinion, he was only trying to save his life. The Marines saw it differently. Seemed like a lifetime pattern was emerging.

Oliver spent the next five years in a police department working narcotics and SWAT, and the next 22 in the FBI. In all these years, he never stopped writing. Publishing, however, was not  an option. Way too many complications and compromises, and besides, rebel streaks only go so far in the FBI. Times are different now and even though old loyalties and friendships will never go away, no one is watching over his shoulder. Oliver likes the truth.

Oliver Chase and his wife eschewed the exotic and chose instead a small farm along the Gulf Coast near New Orleans. There he finds great flying weather for his Grumman Tiger, friendly neighbors with difficult accents-although maybe he’s the one with the accent now, fifteen chickens, neighborhood dogs, and a host of barn cats that all share his space.

“Life has never been more interesting,” he contends.



Marsh Island Reviews

By PDX Author on November 21, 2013

Those in the mood for an armchair adventure won't be able to put this one down. Oliver Chase's mystery thriller, "Marsh Island" is a page-turner. Chase writes with a refreshing style in the genre of Sanford and Burke.

Former Army Ranger and Gulf War veteran, Phillip Pfeiffer makes his living as a private investigator. His duties amount to delivering proof to angry wives interested in catching cheating husbands. That is, until he's hired by Bernice Trimble. She wants to find her missing beau or at least have his death certificate in-hand so she can shove it under the nose of a recalcitrant insurance company.

A thin trail of clues guide Phil through a series of misadventures that begin when he opens his motel door to find a dying sea captain felled by a deranged killer. When Phil calls the cops, he is accused and then run out of town by the local constabulary, chased by mobsters in Las Vegas, sent to Portland on a snipe hunt, and jailed in the Bahamas after being left for the sharks.

Things weren't adding up for Phil in his search for Bernice Trimble's husband. A lesser man might have quit but not this guy. When the trail of clues goes cold and when Phil is denied access to the information he's after, a tenacity that once saved his life in the wreckage of an Army helicopter kicks into overdrive. Phil and his very best friend are spun down a rabbit hole of death, mayhem, and a quirky underworld of sex, secrets, and treachery.

For me, an Oliver Chase novel is welcome company for a stormy Saturday night read while sitting in my living room next to the fireplace. Chase creates dialog reminiscent of a noir film, only better. "Marsh Island" is written in a first person narrative with realistic dialog allowing us to see inside Phil’s heart. His relationship with Maff, a lab assistant and best friend was particularly well done. The story opened with a taut gaze into the mind of a killer – frightening actually – no one wants to be that up close and personal with a mad man even if he is just a kid.

When Phil takes over the story, the mysterious opening never quite leaves the reader’s mind. The ending is just about as exciting and devastating as it gets, especially if you are one who enjoys getting to know the characters as much as I do. With fast paced action and realistic descriptions, all loose ends are neatly tied up. I’m left with the assurance that the follow on story and conclusion of the series will be equally as good.

Chase has the credibility of an author who's “been there and done that,” giving "Marsh Island" the feel of authenticity. With the year nearly at a close, "Marsh Island" was one of my favorite mystery novels. Bring on the sequel "Blind Marsh" and come on storm! All I can say is: Sanford? You’d best watch your back.

By Ashlee Ironwood on November 19, 2013

What an absolute thrill. The mystery left me unable to guess what would happen next, and the prose was both delightful and haunting. Oliver F Chase created a troubling beauty, even in the desert landscape, and the stars were as bright as the storyline. A great read for fans of detective fiction, suspenseful mystery, and thrillers.

By Joe Hinojosa on November 28, 2013

Marsh Island is a thriller to its core. It’s twists and turns kept me reading, searching for answers. The storyline kept me turning to the next page, only to become more determined to find the answer. Page after page, Mr. Oliver had my heart racing, and my adrenaline coursing though my body, watching and waiting to see what came next.

And I’m still waiting…

This book is the first of the Hirebomber Series, and is bookended by our antagonists, but the book proper is solely the realm of our private eye. We follow him as he fights to find the answers, struggles to survive, and witnesses death.

I found the book as a whole to be well-written, but felt that the prologue seemed a bit unwieldy, only paying off late in the book. It served its purpose to give back story, but I think it could have been better served incorporated into the story. As is, it postpones the beginning of Pfeifer’s narrative, and almost caused me to put down the book.

But after reading the book from cover to cover, I’m glad I persevered. I became engaged with the main character. I felt his frustration at some of the characters who stood in his way, and became enraged by the obvious corruption of many. His was a simple life, only complicated by the desire of a dying woman, and which might end in his ruin.

In spite of its shortcomings, this is a very good book. If you are a fan of exciting thrillers, ones that get your heart pumping, books that are impossible to put down, I wholeheartedly recommend this book. You won’t be sorry.

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