The Haze of a Lost Reality

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The concept of this group of poems/short stories is the idea of a Bipolar and Schizophrenic man torn between the true reality and a lost reality. Where there seems to be no way out, there is always hope behind a closed cellar door. Believe in faith and keep your head towards the sky and his wishes and dreams can become true. A haze has clouded his mind yet his thoughts roam at the speed of a million thoughts per minute, these are the words that he releases to you, to help you see this whole concept through. In the end pure faith can cure any illness or struggle, these words are the proof.


My name is Clark West Cooper I grew up in Homer Glen, Illinois. My writing consists of real feelings and emotions trampled upon on about our days, in attempt to help and reach into those who need the courage and strength to stand proud again. I always dreamed of being able to help people in a way that made sense in my imagination. I started writing when I was very young and when I knew I had once reached out to those in need, I have never stopped. With knowing my mental state of illness with severe Bipolar disorder and borderline Schizophrenia, I used this gift of writing to spread the word to those who suffer from the same or in difference to say to them you are not alone. Here I am continuing on my dream of one day becoming a successful Author in the Poetry/Short story world of writing and I promised to move on never looking back and never giving up this hope, that this dream is real and in my reach to one day set out what I have been dreaming of my whole life, to bring peace, love, hope, and understanding to all who are in seek.

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