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Victoria Fannaly, Author

About the Author:  Victoria Fannaly received first and third places in the 13th Annual Jambalaya Writer’s Conference held in Houma LA, April 2, 2016. She was born in Manila, Philippines, and grew up in New Orleans LA. A graduate of the Academy of the Holy Angels high school, she attended Loyola University and was a graduate of LSU Baton Rouge. She worked for IBM Corporation in the New Orleans, Metairie, Memphis and Baton Rouge branch offices, as well as the New Orleans district office.

An avid gardener, she served twice as president of the Gardenettes garden club. She received honors from the Louisiana Garden Club Federation Inc. as a member of their Circle of Roses and received the silver tray Maude Viskell flower arranging award. She is a Tangipahoa Master Gardener. Assisting her husband actively in his used car and antique auto parts business, she also served three terms as president of the Florida Parishes Vintage Car Club.

She continues selling antique auto parts online. Her original crochet patterns have been published in many craft magazines. She is currently studying watercolor painting. She is an active member of Antique Automobile Association of America, Gardenettes garden club, Tangipahoa Master Gardeners Assn., NAIM Widow's Group Mandeville, Ochsner Golden Opportunities, Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce, Red Hatters, St. Joseph Rosary Altar Society, Slidell Antique Automobile Association, Ya-Ya Supper Group, and Knights of Columbus Auxiliary, Folsom Native Plant Society, Creative Minds Writers Group, Friends of the Art Station. She enjoys ballroom dancing.

Ponchatoula Odyssey: Poetry and Essays

Romantic poetry and prose with many fantasy themes. Living in Ponchatoula for over 40 years, I have come to love the friendly charm of this small city on the northwest corner of Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans lies to the south and Baton Rouge to the west. I hope you will enjoy these flights of fantasy taken from my friends and myself.

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Bittersweet Memories: Stories of World War II in the Philippines

Charlotte was sixteen with hazel eyes that seemed to change colors with her moods. Her once corn-colored hair had darkened to a shade of amber much like the color of light honey. The Orient always held a fascination for her. Faced with the opportunity to become a part of the Far East, love made her decision for her. His eyes were as dark as his hair, and his skin a different shade than hers. When she married him, she did it not to prove a point or support a cause, but to be his wife and mother of his future children. Her move to Cuba at seventeen and to the Philippines at twenty-two was a revelation to her. She was to learn again and again what the spontaneous decision of her heart had led her into. Caught in the middle of a Japanese-occupied Philippine Islands, she was imprisoned more than once by the enemy. She wrote her story in her own words. Her family was never allowed to read her writings until her death in 1978. The pages that follow reprint her journal and are followed by insights into her family – her grandfathers the stagecoach driver and the minister, her parents the German druggist and her mother, a Louisiana widow. This is the story of my grandmother Charlotte Lyncker Labayen, 1900-1978. She was a brave and aggressive woman who loved her family and her country.

Ponchatoula Automania

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Ponchatoula Automania is a new book by Victoria Fannaly, based on the automotive reminiscences and stories of her husband Marion T. Fannaly Jr. Available on Amazon.com/books, the volume includes some of his many automobile quizzes.

According to Victoria Fannaly, "As a child, my late husband Marion T. Fannaly Jr. loved cars - small cars purchased at Woolworth's in the 1930’s, which he always checked to be sure were not made in Japan; pedal cars which he loved to run into his brother's and cheerfully hammer out the dents; family cars which held special nostalgia for him."

She said we spent many hours on the road traveling to auto swap meets, some as far as Phoenix AZ and Batavia NY. Because we pulled a heavy parts trailer, Marion was often the only driver. To keep awake, I would sometimes get him to tell me a story which I would write down and then let him edit later. He was a very eloquent speaker, and very little editing was involved. These are the stories from times past that he related to me. They are mainly automotive in nature and show his love for things on wheels.

In 1977, he founded the Florida Parishes Vintage Car Club to get people with collector cars together to swap ideas and host auto displays for which there was a demand. One of the things he used to entertain, were car trivia quizzes which were held for prizes. Fannaly has included a few of these in this book.

Born September 13, 1932, at the family home in Ponchatoula, Marion attended Ponchatoula High School and graduated in 1950 from St. Paul's in Covington LA. He attended Southeastern Louisiana College but left to help his father's business when his father became ill.

A licensed used car dealer since 1954, Fannaly also operated Commuter Oil Co. gas station and was a Sealtest milk distributor. He moved to his current site Fannaly's Auto Exchange in 1962 where he did body work, used car sales, and antique auto parts sales until the present. A member of 10 or more local and national antique automobile clubs, he was the founder and first president of the Florida Parishes Vintage Car Club and served twice again as president in later years. He is a member of the Slidell Antique Automobile Club of America.

Ponchatoula Dreams: A Book of Poetry

We all have places to dream that are only a heartbeat away. For me Ponchatoula Louisiana has been and will ever be, somewhere I can go in my mind. This small city is located at the north west corner of Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans lies to the south of this large body of water. In these pages are aspirations, memories and mainly fantasies of my friends and myself. Please join us in our musings.



Ponchatoula Sojourn: A Book of Poetry

Poetry from the heart. Ponchatoula is a charming small city located at the northeast corner of Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans is south of this large lake. I used to spend Sunday in Ponchatoula in the early 1970's, roaming my late husband's collection of rusting antique cars and enjoying the woods around his property. I was living in New Orleans and wondered how it would be to live in a small town.
          After over 40 years I know it to be a positive experience. The poems reflect fantasies and experiences of myself and some of my friends. I hope you enjoy wandering with us through these pages. Pictures are from my garden.

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