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   About the Author:


          Brenda Brown Finnegan is a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who has lived on the Gulf Coast since 1964.  She has written poetry for over 25 years, and is the first winner of the Poet of the Year Chapbook Contest sponsored by the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc., which published this, her first chapbook.


Photo by Natalie Finnegan
Missing Persons


Out of Print

Missing Persons
Review by Jeanne S. Kelly
Poet of the Year Chairman and Past President of Mississippi Poetry Society

        In Missing Persons, Brenda Brown Finnegan’s memories of her family, legends, and personal history spring to life in well-crafted poetry.  In this collection she weaves nostalgia, humor, and pathos to capture portraits of people whose experiences are both individual and universal.  These varied threads link Finnegan’s Native American heritage with that of the other ethnic groups who form the fabric of South Mississippi and the USA. Using a wide variety of forms, from the formality of the sonnet to free verse, Finnegan demonstrates both writing skill and human insight in this delightful collection of poems.


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