Stupid Genius

             Did you hear the one about the duck that crossed the road...and caused a five car pileup? Melvin Valentine, a thirty something Kansas man running away from home, sure hadn’t. Melvin came to Biloxi in search of family roots and a meaningful life. What he found was a strange device from the lair of a missing astrophysicist; his cousin, Harlan, caught up in hunting season and a political vendetta; a serial bank robber; and Donna, the perfect woman. When a confrontational duck lands in his lap, the big problems develop. Melvin dodges cops, men in black, the advances of a sexy librarian, as well as a crazed reporter with a personal agenda. It’s all too much for a city boy to handle on his own, so Melvin joins forces with Donna, Harlan, and the duck to find his way out of trouble, fit in to a totally unique culture and dump a potential weapon of mass destruction without literally losing his mind.

            A sequel to Stupid Genius is in the works and a poetry collection, From Chaos to Synergy, based on writing as a team is being readied for publication.

            Delta born Kathryn McLain, moved with her large family to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1968. Despite Camille being her first hurricane, coastal life suited her.  A graduate of William Carey college, she works as a library assistant for the Jackson-George Regional Library System. A widow with one grown son living in Atlanta, she shares her home with three dogs, and a plethora of plants and flowers.

            Writing with a hyperactive, passionately creative partner, has pushed her back into writing after a twenty year lull. A sequel to Stupid Genius is in the works and a poetry collection, From Chaos to Synergy, based on writing as a team is being readied for publication. 

            Stupid Genius, their second novel together, is a long way from the unpublished Las Vegas crime epic that launched the team. Laughs and mishaps, replacing murder and revenge, make the rollicking romp over the streets of Biloxi and the Gulf Coast much more fun to write.  The idea stemmed from genius loci, the spirit of a place. In this case it’s the way of life, or flavor of the Mississippi coast.

Norman Fowler was born in Indiana, but raised on the Calumet City, Illinois side. He moved to Las Vegas in 1999 and began taking his writing more seriously, compiling several poetry collections, screenplays, short stories and novels. He continued writing after moving to Ocean Springs in 2004, but lost most of his finished product to Hurricane Katrina.

He believes somewhere in a past life he was an old troubadour, which would explain his great passion for music. The idea of working with a like minded person also stems from this, as musicians rarely do their art alone.  His goal has always been to write when older, more full of life experience and settled down. Everything up to this point, salvaged or lost he considers practice.


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