Andrew Badger

Tucker, Georgia


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A Duet


The sun shines through your silver hair;

The halo frames a muted mask,

Immobile, blank, devoid of mind.

a word, where does it hide?

i need to speak, who are you?

Now, your lifelong mem’ries lie

In limbo, dormant, dwindling, lost

To me who shares you most, to me

Who knows those secret parts of you.

i feel you in my soul

but in my mind i find no word

  to spark a memory

I’ll sit with you, my love, and hold

Your hand and stroke your cheek. See!

You recognize my touch, so says

That puzzled brow, that fretful frown.

Our souls know what eludes your mind.

that touch—i know it?

a thin wall dams my knowing.

an intimate touch

ought not be lost

I shut my eyes and squeeze your arm

Rememb’ring well-shaped legs and lithe

Body springing from the diving board:

The sun-lit down defining my source

Of ecstasy, my seat of love.

your aroma knocks on me

taps on that thin wall

confusion consumes me

no word bridges body and soul

Our conversations, arguments,

Those meetings of our minds, I hear

As clearly now as then. The things

You taught me, treasured in my mind.

once i knew but now

no more, just briefly, strobing

life flashes in the darkness

Our mated souls, once strong, are now

For me to keep. I’ll hold yours safe--

Your soul my soul--as one till when

perchance some day i’ll find

that hidden spanning word


Andrew Badge's poem "Duets" is truly remarkable. Thanks for providing the forum to read, enjoy, feel...

--Ken Reed

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