Poetry by Judy Davies

Gautier, Mississippi

Message in a Bottle


Ancient bottle from the sea

What message do you have for me?

Washed ashore, swept in by the tide

A note from the heart is tucked inside


Admonishing me, don’t miss the chance

Or else you’ll have no recompense.

My message keep, your fears assuage,

Find my words of love within each page.


Do not linger; do not tarry,

Hesitate not when it’s time to marry

Lest you end up like me, alone,

Wishing there was a means to atone


For all the heartaches, all the days,

The lifetimes neglected in a thousand ways,

The seagoing trips we missed together,

Afraid to venture into stormy weather.


So come with me now, we’ll sail anew

On a wooden boat, ‘neath skies of blue

Remembering when our love was new

And our world was small, just me and you.


Nature’s Paintbrush


A late day’s walk in the countryside

reveals panoramic color spread far and wide.

As threads intertwined to strengthen a bond

weave a magical tapestry at the wave of a wand.

Fields, like worn fabric, once coarse at the start,

appear refined and beautiful, a sculpture of art.

Patchwork quilt-like the landscape’s ablaze

with vibrant pastures full of grains and maize.

Nature’s paintbrush, delicate to behold,

adds its own touches of red and of gold.

Edges of fringe provide a decorative touch

leading down the path to a small rabbit hutch.

Nearby a water pond reflects and shines,

 framed by branches and overhanging vines.

Finished like fine silver set in the fire

till its clear reflection gives cause to admire.

I retreat to my porch swing as a powdery sky

begins to darken and clouds start to cry.

After the rain, God sends a rainbow to play.

Like a naughty paint scraper, darkness wipes it away.

As nighttime descends I think about the fields

and thank God for all that nature’s paintbrush reveals.

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