Frank De Canio

New Jersey

Tight Jersey 

Domesticating garden state!

Though wedded to your floral bed,

when I wake up to allocate

discretionary time, my head

is filled with high-rise reveries

of Gotham town’s décolletage.

It burgeons into dishabille

with skyline vistas by the barge

along the Hudson’s rusty edge.

For though in sickness and in health

I’ve benefited from your pledge

to bide me till I die, the wealth

and glamour city life contrives

exceeds that of suburban wives.   


For the Girl Skimming through Hitchcock’s “Psycho”

I see you think that scanning stuff’s okay.

That scenes included on the DVD

are boring fluff that just get in the way.

They’re merely there for dilettantes to see,

instead of what the movie needs to say.

Then why in hell grow up and get engaged?

Why plan to celebrate your wedding day

and have romantic fantasies assuaged,

if afterwards you’ll simply reproduce

at Mother Nature’s immanent  behest?

Start scanning till your child’s in a papoose

or, further, to those years when you’ve addressed

old age. But if you haven’t time to spend

on narrative, fast forward to the end.

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