~ Lenny Emmanuel ~

Pass Christian, Mississippi

The Girl with the

Blue-Bird Tattoo


At first I thought she was a maiden

or perhaps an apparition before me,

eating ice cream from a double cone,


licking the drippings, cold comforts

warming her lips like nocturnal liquids

from an ancient source, a well among


the waste, as her tongue rose and fell

through my sunglasses, as a vortex

turns and twists, like a meat grinder


curves in a spiral, as my mind spun,

Her frenulum linguae was cut loose!

And then as she turned seductively,


rolling her tongue so unmercifully

with her blue-bird-tattooed shoulder

highlighting her best parts, she asked


“You like?” to which I could only smile,

as she licked the ice cream once again,

saying, “I do what the blue bird can’t do.”


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