~ Dream World ~

by Alice Fitchie

It's hard to express
In words the complexity
Of all that I feel
As if my life is just
A dream.
I'm in someone else's
When they awake
I am lost forever
In a parallel universe

Dream world.
A dream world
Devoid of reality
Only existing in someone

Else's world -- mind
They're the master of my dreams.
As they turn the pages
In their story book

They are reading my
They created.
The sky lights up
 Bright colors
Of fantasy
As the moon drapes
Across my window.
Looking in on me
As if knowing
The truth
Of this existence
Mocking my realm
Of life.

As if the moon
Can dream my dreams
That I do not see
For they're not mine
To dream.

As if the moon
Is watching and
Waiting for the dreamer
To awake and I
Vanish into nothingness.

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