For Perri Sibille
Dusty Pages
(aka Gramps)
by Michael Gardebled

Life's circuitous route goes
Endlessly on with no recourse,
What was to be, is now,
And yesterdays are best
When gone with no remorse.
So as I choose which
Of my memories are to fade
While yours are nurtured to begin,
I've noticed that days
Once viewed as important,
Are days I now view with chagrin.
If only I knew more
Of those whose blood you bear,
I’d garner their wisdom,
Then seek their passions,
Keeping just a few 
And the rest would be
Yours for you to fashion.
Yet, I know,
Just as it was for those 
Who came before me 
To you,
I'll be dusty pages from the past,
And for me 
Hopeful that they will last.

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