Harold A McLelland





His voice was so loud and filled with wrath.

Now she wishes she’d chosen a different path.


He uses his strength to throw her about.

She once loved him but is now left without.


His fists, clinched so tightly that his knuckles are white.

She wonders if she will even make it through the night.


A weapon, which was designed to bring pleasure,

Now delivers humiliating pain without measure.


She thinks that she must somehow get away.

But some fear within her always makes her stay.


He has succeeded in beating her into submission

It’s like a cancer that will not go into remission.


So she remains quiet, like a good little wife.

Maybe peace would come if she were to end her life.






The darkness could not overtake you my dear!

Lessons are not always ones that bring us cheer.


At times, some unseen hand, allows us to see a new day.

You were taught a terrifying lesson in order to show others the way.


May you Champion your cause my Knighted Princess!

Go to dear ones in need and to those in distress.


So take flaming sword in hand and light the way,

So that others, in darkness, need not to stay.


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