Sue Monkress

Gulfport MS


In the novel, Gabe, Callie, a distracted high school senior needing some serious relationship and career direction, is nearly run over by a motorcyclist. She is rescued by a handsome, mysterious stranger who will forever change her life. Standard clique? But endings are not always the cookie-cutter story-book pattern.




Calli whispers: “I wish we could be outside, maybe under a trellis of fresh-smelling flowers and the stars, all to ourselves.”


He responds: “We can be. Look at me.”


When she gazes into his eyes, suddenly, it’s as if the world falls away. She hear the soft music, but doesn’t see or hear anyone else. It’s as if they’re floating up, up and around, in a mysterious, enchanting nothingness — all around them is dark, save for the twinkling of pretty stars. A lovely scent, like violets, wafts around them. She can hear his heart beating when she lays her face against his chest. There is no other sensation — just her and Gabe.


She whispers: “I hope you will sometimes think of this night. Of us.”


“Believe me, Calli. I will always remember this night.”




Sue Monkress is an Oklahoma transplant to the Gulf Coast. She's written and published three previous books. Gabe is her current work-in-process and she is searching for an interested agent and/or Christian-fiction publisher. She hopes this book will inspire teens to search and find their purpose.

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