Excerpt from Ruby Silver

by Randall Reneau

At six thirty sharp the next morning, I rolled up in front of Will and Maria’s house. They lived in an older, nicely treed and landscaped (read moneyed) area of Ellensburg not too far from Central’s campus.

Will ambled out his front door carrying a small overnight bag and a large backpack. A .357 magnum was strapped to his hip. At six four, two forty, the ex-all-everything center was probably big enough to, as they say, “hunt bears with a switch.” But I still felt better with both of us armed. Grizzlies with cubs were no joke.

Mornin’, Will. Looks like you’re raring to go. That shooter isn’t loaded, is it?”

“No, it’s not loaded,” Will replied, tossing his gear in the back of my Bronco. “And I have my handgun license in my wallet.”

“Just checking. We’ll be in Cousin Hank’s jurisdiction, and I’d hate to get arrested by my own kin.”

Will settled his big frame into the passenger seat, and I’d swear my Bronco listed about half a bubble to starboard.

“Damn, Will, Maria’s feeding you too darned good.”

Will patted his belly and laughed. “Ain’t that the truth.”

I grinned. “Well, it takes a big hammer to drive a big nail.”

Will looked at me, frowned, and pointed his index finger straight ahead. “Drive.”


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