~ Lewis Stockham ~

Pensacola FL



Statue of Some God


What is this godlike statue,

Is it for our benefit or for our sinful nature?

Perhaps it is here to amuse.


Is his structure significant,

Does it say who he is or not say at all,

In hierarchy was he small or big?


Do his hands convey emotion,

Passion or comfort to the unwanted or does the hand wield evil,

Maybe raised to inflict cowards?


What of his facial expression,

Can it give some insight?

He did love and protect perfectly,

Or maybe with great strife.


And how about his godlike nature,

Was he firm and just,

Or petty and chaotic,

Perhaps even inflated?


Where was his temple,

What did it look like,

Who worshipped him,

For what purpose?


Was he erected in remembrance,

Erected in ephigy,

Did some influential society worship him and pray?


I think it was only erected—because we didn’t need that space.


Sleep and Dreams


I awoke in the middle of the night,

Unable to sleep or dream,

As I step outside

I see your reflection in the trees.


The cool night air rushes around,

White moon is still,

Ground is wet with dew,

You’re not here to see it.


I go inside back to my bed,

Lay down to sleep and dream

My dreams are full of haze,

The dream world is desolate,

The figures are dark, strange in origin.


I wake up,

But you’re not here,

I go back to sleep,

Perhaps to dream of you.



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