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Secrets in the Vines

A fast-paced, fun and informative mystery set in exotic Romania.

Secrets in the Vines is an enthralling mystery located in both Romania’s vibrant capital, Bucharest, and the peaceful wine country to its north. The countryside with its rolling hills covered in grapevines and quaint villages serves as a stark contrast to modern Bucharest. But despite their differences, both places and the people who inhabit them hold the keys to the mysterious deaths that Jeni encounters.

Written through the eyes of a new ex-pat, the author of Secrets in the Vines takes the reader on an often hilarious and always enjoyable journey through Romania. A lot has happened in Romania in the past twenty-five years as it moved from the cruel final years of its dictator’s regime to become an influential member of the European Union – so much change so fast that sometimes the past collides with the future. When it does, Jeni helps the reader discover that Romania, both beautiful and complex, is far more than vampires and castles.

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Secrets in the Vines by Jane Golden

Comments from Blue Ink Review:

“Nothing makes an overworked genre like mystery seem quite so fresh as a story set in an exotic locale. Secrets in the Vines takes this theory to heart, offering up a murder mystery set in the wine country surrounding Romania. It's a winning formula.

Jeni is bored with life as a diplomat's wife, but her involvement with a social club for women becomes complicated when one of the members dies at a wine tasting. Then, while trying to help a friend investigate the ownership of a nearby winery, Jeni stumbles (literally) over a body and finds herself a suspect in both deaths. Out to prove her innocence, she very nearly armchair-sleuths her way into an early grave.

Author Jane Golden drew on her own time in Bucharest to set up this tale, and it pays off nicely. Observations about the life of a foreigner trying to make sense of a new culture are spot-on and often funny; thoughts about parking customs and the laconic pace of government reflect an outsider's tendency to compare things to life at home, while also taking us deeper into the atmosphere. The mystery is gripping, but it's the setting that steals the show.

With terrific pacing and a plot that ends well…we’re left wanting more of this juicy escapism.”


Jane Golden is an attorney and the mother of three children. Her life recently took a sudden and dramatic turn when she was given the chance to spend more than two years in Bucharest, Romania. She took a break from law and traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe with her husband while he worked there as a diplomat. After joining a woman’s organization similar to many found in capitals around the world she spent her new-found free time abroad exploring, writing, and drinking cappuccinos with new friends. For her it turned out to be a fairy-tale two year vacation. Then, just as her time came to an end, she discovered a mystery in the vineyards of Romania just waiting to be told – all fiction, of course.

Jane Golden
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