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A Time of Innocence, A Time of Confidences

By Gary D. Harrington


The 60’s: “This is the story of a time in American history when we as a people divided not only among ourselves but within our­selves. It is the story of a young man’s experience in that time and of the battles he fought on the streets of America and on the battlefields of Vietnam.”  G. D. Harrington


Much that has been written about Vietnam is journalism or literature. Harrington’s book is reality. He writes with eloquence and style, but his view is that of the “grunt” the ordinary foot soldier who experienced the dirt, fear, drugs, and death day after day for nearly two years.


He takes us with him and spares no details and he will make you cry your heart out - when you’re not laughing. When his hero Harry the Hippie aka Harry the Head despairs over being turned into a killer and he isn’t even 21 yet, we realize that he’s been raped of his innocence as sure as the little girl Vietnamese whore who makes “boom boom” for loose change has been raped of her innocence.


Harrington doesn’t romanticize war or make it heroic a Ia Green Berets. The smell of war will “cling to you like dirt.” And you’ll read one of the most heart-wrenching climaxes ever written.


In this marvelous first novel, Mr. Harrington has taken care of business: you won’t forget Harry Taylor. And you won’t forget Vietnam.

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