Henry Heitmann, Author

Henry Heitmann is a retired New York City Board of Education Special Education teacher and a teaching supervisor. Many of his poems and short stories have been published in numerous magazines and local news media including the “Sanibel- Captiva Review,” the Florida Gulf Coast University “Mangrove Review,” and the Florida Writers Magazine.
          Heitmann has won several awards for his many works. He contributed a piece “Not Just a Drink of Water” to a book entitled “Shade in the Sunshine State, Reflections on Segregation in Florida” by Elizabeth Huntoon Coursen.
          He has long worked at bringing together in this volume some of his unique and well crafted “Pocket Full of Tales” that will bring fond memories and new observations to readers of all ages and in many genres. He is a remarkably keen observer of life, and writes well of it. Like all good writers, he believes that each of us has a tale to tell and here are but a few of his carefully selected tales for your enjoyment. See an excerpt:
Isle of Enchantment

Leftover Notebooks


Yet one more addition to Henry's published books with over fifty poems and delightful short stories

For the past few days, I have been reading your wonderful stories in your earlier book, A Pocketful of Tales, and you are a great writer and know how to make the reader feel they are a part of the story. I just had to write to tell you. I am looking forward to your next book.

--Pat Janda Florida Writers Association.


A bone chilling icy rain
Coats the black road.
Winter refuses to leave.
Daffodils came too early
The robins look confused
The sun keeps hiding.
Only a calendar says it's spring.

Pocket Full of Tales

           “A Pocket Full of Tales” is exactly that; a collection of short stories, some sad, some funny and some just fun to read. The variety , hopefully, will motivate the reader to go on to read the next one. Some have won prizes, some have been printed in literary journals and some are in print for the first time. All of the stories have been written for the readers enjoyment.

Looking Back on Life



Staring at a stranger's face
Reminding me of someone from the past
A pair of dark eyes and slight smile
No name comes to mind
So it goes with an old memory

Heitmann has refined, reflected, and long pondered the times, places and often the remembered thoughts of his younger days and has brought them to the printed page.



More Tales and Bits n Pieces

More Tales and Bits n Pieces

The latest book is as the title says, a few short stories, pages of poetry, and assorted bits and pieces accumulated through the years. Thoughts, reflections, memories, and images are presented in a relaxed format for the readers pleasure.

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