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The Tides of Mississippi

A family torn asunder!
Love and hope amidst tragedy and death

A life-shattering tragedy wreaks havoc on the lives of a normal upper-income family with devastating results. Unable to cope with the catastrophe, each member of the family seeks to retreat from society in a different way. The father becomes a recluse - seeking refuge in isolationism. The son searches for forgetfulness in alcohol and drugs. The mother tries to find solace in mental institutions and the guidance of psychiatric doctors.

The Tides of Mississippi is a multi-award winning, heart-wrenching story of anguish, pain, anger, hate, love, hope, salvation and forgiveness that will touch the hardest heart of stone. The twentieth book by noted Mississippi Coastal author, Dr. Philip Levin, The Tides of Mississippi tells of building love and hope out of tragedy and realizing trust means forgiving and accepting, as the true nature of the Mississippi culture comes alive in Levin's dynamic saga of home, friends and the hearts of those from the Magnolia State.


Princess Priscilla's Dragon
at the Door
Princess Priscilla's Goblins
in the Garden
Princess Priscilla's Quest
for the Zany Zombies

          Eighteen year old Princess Priscilla has a lot on her plate. Her father is off on a Quest, a dozen marriage-intent knights have taken up residence in her castle; her larder is out of ingredients for magic spells, and a thirty-foot-long fire-breathing purple-scaled dragon has settled in at her front door. With her pet troll in hand, she journeys to seek help from the Wizard of the Mystic Forest, only to discover he's turned a bit senile. "Oh, Goblin Turds!" as Princess Priscilla would say.

          Eighteen-year-old Priscilla and her pet troll, Rashpewkin, face more magical mayhem in this second of the Princess Priscilla series. Set in the tiny Kingdom of the Mystic Forest, Pricilla finds her castle invaded by gold-stealing goblins, a ghost head entrenched in her cupboard, and an evil sorcerer who collects the skulls of those who displease him. With illustrations by the celebrated graphic artist, Saga, there are laughs aplenty in this delightful fantasy written for 8 to 14 year olds.

          A devastating drought in the Kingdom of the Mystic Forest causes Princess Priscilla to induce her father, King Goethe, husband, Prince Hector, and Little Boy Blue with his magic trumpet to set off on a quest to get Edward the Evil Sorcerer’s Wonderful Wooden Weather Wand from the Zany Zombies. Along with her trusted pet, the troll Rashpewkin, they travel through a fairy tale land of magical characters and events. With illustrations by the celebrated graphic artist, Saga, there are laughs aplenty in this third Princess Priscilla fantasy.

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Bill the Blue Footed Boobie


      A children’s photo book illustrated by photos taken on the Galapagos Islands. Follow Bill, the boobie-bird, as he travels around several of the islands bringing greetings to various brightly colored iguana colonies.

      Enjoy this unique landscape with a delightful tale.




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On a Mission

Medical Care in Rural Kenya


Why would someone choose to be a missionary? As discussed on this book’s back cover, it’s not easy, comfortable, or inexpensive. We’re missionaries because helping others brings peace and fulfillment. I return from these missions with a new appreciation of God’s Grace within my life and for all of humanity.

I’ve been on several medical missionary trips, including a clinic in the mountains of Honduras, a malaria clinic on the Amazon River in Peru, a leper colony in India, and in slums outside Maputo, Mozambique. This book is based on my three years in Kenya, each a month’s tour. In 2010 I was posted by a volunteer agency ( to Keumbu (kay-UM-boo), a small village in the hilly western lands of Kenya near Lake Victoria. Staffed by physician assistants and a few nurses, I was the first doctor to ever step through the doors of their twenty-year old hospital. The rustic, open air, concrete brick structure had no running water, x-rays, or surgery, yet met the medical needs of about 10,000 people.

I fell in love with the bustling happy town, the determined hospital personnel, and the spiritual pastor and his orphanage. I thrived on the adventure of helping the people. As a bonus, I took safaris to photograph the elephants and giraffes, and thousands of other animals in Kenya and Tanzania’s many wildlife refuges.




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Altered Perspectives

Genesis: We are led to believe that of the twins, Esau was the evil one and Jacob was the good. Yet, in bible study it becomes clear the opposite is true. Jacob blackmailed his brother for the “birthright,” refusing to feed him until he relinquished. Later Jacob dressed up as Esau to fool their blind father into granting him those rights. Jacob’s history was full of evil, especially his murder of Hamor’s clan. By telling the story from Esau’s perspective, Jacob’s wickedness comes to light.

Exodus: Moses fled Egypt after murdering an Egyptian. He settled in Midian where he married Zipporah and fathered two sons. He was living in contentment until God ordered him to return to Egypt to liberate his countrymen. Told from Zipporah’s perspective, the sacrifices Moses made brings the story to life.

The only major changes in the original scriptures are the characters’ ages, reducing them from the Bible’s references to more realistic levels. Both stories are based as much as possible on geopolitical features, social morality, and cultural traditions of that time period.

In Altered Perspectives, Philip Levin, M.D., writes a fascinating new modern Midrash on the Torah. Midrash is an ancient Jewish tradition going back to the early rabbis of filling in the gaps of the stories of the Hebrew Bible. Philip Levin, M.D., does this masterfully. -- Rabbi Donald Kunstadt of Springhill Avenue Temple, Mobile, AL.



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Tricia Tracy anticipates receiving a multimillion dollar Inheritance on her twenty-fifth birthday in four months.  She may not live that long. 

In her Corpus Christi newspaper column, Tracy’s Tidbits, she accuses Lupe Garcia of murdering his wife.  He stalks her and attacks her, her life saved by Bill, a mysterious sailor.  Tricia falls madly in love with Bill, and breaks up with her boyfriend, Mel, a police detective. 

Tricia’s and Mel’s paths crisscross in their investigations of a cocaine ring, the mysterious death of one of Tricia’s friends, and a bribery scandal involving millions of dollars in damages.  Tricia and her Inheritance face a determined menace, with her very life hanging in the balance.  See Excerpt from Inheritance


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and the Rain God

A Chinese Fable


In this delightful Chinese fable, an old soothsayer matches wits with a dragon rain god. The dragon’s envy becomes his downfall as Consuto’s patience and wisdom win the love of the people. Children and adults will delight in the fable’s clever ideas and imagery.

Illustrated by photos taken by the author and a friend on their journeys through China, the pictures reflect on the merging of past and present, characteristic of today’s China.


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Ndovu the Elephant

An African Tale


Story and Photos: Philip L. Levin

Technical Production: Bruce Keyes


Baby elephant Ndovu is looking for adventure on the Kenyan Serengeti. Wandering away from his herd one morning, he realizes he’s misplaced his family. Children will love the excitement of the elephant’s search for his home as he interacts with over a dozen native animals.


About the Author:


          Philip L. Levin, President of the Gulf Coast Writers Association in Gulfport, Mississippi, inherited his writing prowess from an authoress mother and an editor father.  With thirty years as a emergency physician, Philip sharpens his insight into human motivations with his travels throughout the world.

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