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Mary Beth Magee draws on her curiosity and love of research to explore the world around her and write about it. A New Orleans native and true GRITS (Girls Raised in the South), she also has lived in St. Bernard Parish and south Mississippi, with stints in Chicago and northern California. Back home in Pearl River County, she is content to stay put at last.

She’s the oldest of four girls in a family of Irish and Sicilian heritage and delighted to have a half-brother who is older than she is. She grew up in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans and learned the joys of beignets and French bread at an early age. And yes, she sucks ‘da heads on crawfish and loves a shrimp po-boy, dressed, please!

Her checkered past includes stints as a telephone operator, substitute school teacher, cosmetic sales, home health aide, a government contractor, kitchen help in a deli, real estate sales, office manager, and corporate trainer.

She first saw her name in print as a juvenile book reviewer for her hometown paper on the Young People’s Page and hasn’t stopped writing since. Over the years, her writing topics grew to cover news and feature articles, book and movie reviews, training materials, greeting cards, short fiction, poetry, and church bulletins. Her work has appeared in local and national professional publications, local newspapers and several online sites. Her first novel, Death in the Daylilies, is available as are several anthologies in which she appears.

Her website provides the gateway to her blogs on various topics and the online sites. She also writes “Barnabas on the Road – the Adventures of a Traveling Zebra,” a series of Christian children’s stories featuring a toy zebra. Besides writing, she conducts online training classes for REALTORS™. She is the proud mother of an adult son and occasional stand-in mother to the “adopted” family of her best friend.

With the exception of a couple of colleges, most of her schools no longer exist under their original names. She attended and completed B. M. Palmer Elementary, Joseph Kohn Jr. High and Francis T. Nicholls Sr. High (all in New Orleans). She earned college credits through the years at Baylor University (Waco, TX), St. Bernard Community College in Chalmette, University of New Orleans, and College of DuPage and Elmhurst College, both in Illinois. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Elmhurst, focusing on adult learning. It only took her 30 years to finish it! She is honored to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, and Psy Chi.

Mary Beth is proud to be a lifetime member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW through Post 2801, an accredited ESL instructor and a literacy coach for GED students. She excels at breaking software and getting lost in books. Above all, she is a born again Christian who thanks God every day for her salvation and the joys of family and the written word.

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Grandpa's Mustache
Cally Edwards (Illustrator)

A gentle children's picture book in verse, Grandpa's Mustache celebrates the grandfather-grandchild relationship through the child's observations of Grandpa's mustache. Cally Edwards' heartwarming illustrations add a special dimension to the story. Read the book aloud to younger children; first and second graders should have no trouble reading for themselves.

Ambush at the Arboretum: Volume 2: An (LOL)4 Mystery

When (LOL)4 Mercy McKay finds an unexpected guest under her house, she pulls her sister and friend into a deadly game of detection and deception. Enemies seem to abound on every side, and Cypress Point may not recover from the onslaught. Dedicating a new memorial arboretum may be the last thing they accomplish before everything ends in this cozy Christian mystery.



The Storyteller's Journal: Tools for the Beginning Storyteller

Whether you plan to tell stories orally, in print or on video, you’ll find techniques and tips on these pages to help you begin telling your stories. Interspersed with quotes from great storytellers in many genres and useful hints, the pages include space to make notes about your planned stories. A resource page offers some starting points for further learning, and the appendix holds two exercises to help you hone your skills. Don’t let your stories fade away untold. You’ll make the world a better place if you share the tales inside you.


Volume I of The Cypress Point Chronicles

Cypress Point Confidences

Romance, mystery and danger await you in this collection of short stories set in and around Cypress Point, MS.

Enjoy cozy Christian fiction with a Southern accent from author, journalist, poet, and speaker Mary Beth Magee. Visit her website at for the latest list of her books and programs.

Songs of Childhood, Echoes of Years: Poetry of Life

Selections of reflective poetry examining family relationships, experiences, successes and failures in the life of a woman who has lived six decades. Magee shares insights and confessions into her childhood and adult years through a variety of poetry styles. Using the topics of The Family, Celebrations, Reminiscing and Standing on Faith, she looks back at some of the experiences and relationships she has known.

Death in the Daylilies

Three senior citizens with big hearts and a passion for flowers find themselves in the middle of murder when they stumble on Death on the Daylilies. Can these ladies solve the crime before they become someone’s garden mulch?

They call themselves (LOL)4 —Little Old Ladies, Laughing Out Loud, Living Our Lives with Lots Of Love. If the killer gets to them before the police solve the crime, they may be LOLD — Little Old Ladies Dead! Join them in this cozy mystery as they try to find the culprit behind Death in the Daylilies.

“Mary Beth Magee has created an engaging cast of characters in this delightful cozy mystery debut. You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the plot twists and turns in DEATH IN THE DAYLILIES.”
— Cindy Sample, National Best-selling Author of DYING FOR A DATE, DYING FOR A DANCE and DYING FOR A DAIQUIRI.

Devotions from the Road of Life: Hitting the Road

A collection of devotional essays and poetry written over many years by a Christian woman in the U.S. These nondenominational messages will encourage and comfort readers and challenge them to find a deeper relationship with their Lord.

Inspire Promise

God has given His people promises from the beginning of recorded history right up until today. He has never failed to keep a single one. Whether we struggle with giving or keeping promises ourselves or we have suffered because of another's broken promise, God is ever faithful. Let the forty-seven stories and poems in this anthology by Inspire Christian Writers uplift and encourage you. May they build your faith to trust more in the Great Promise-Keeper we worship and serve.

Inspire Victory

God is still at work in human lives. He is present and active in every moment of joy, heartache, pain, and love, and we find the strength to overcome in Him. Let the stories and poems in this anthology by Inspire Christian Writers build your faith, and open your eyes to what God is doing around us every day. You may just find that victory is more than an end, it's the opportunity to view life from a new perspective.

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Parent

Each title in the Not Your Mother's Book series contains approximately 60 real-life stories dedicated to a unique theme, drawn from the passion and experience of dozens of writers in a whimsical and entertaining mix of irreverence and humor. Founded by former coauthors and editors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, this similarly styled anthology series foregoes the sad, sappy, preachy, or death-oriented stories that were that series' hallmark, and unlike that series, is never afraid to be a little risqué. These stories are funny, daring, different, and smart. Becoming a parent is part of the circle of life, and children bring joy to life-that and poopy diapers. The stories in this book begin with conception and end with becoming a parent to a parent. Every story in between offers laughter and those joyous moments to which all parents can relate.

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Stupid Kid

The title says it all. Being a stupid kid. Period. There’s nothing worse than getting caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar, yet alone confessing to all those stupid things you did when you were a kid and lived to tell about. Yes, you know where the bodies are buried. Inside, you’ll read stories about crazy capers, double-dog dares and outlandish adventures—those youthful escapades you never shared with your parents! Whether it was driving on thin ice (literally), getting your younger brother to jump off a roof, hitchhiking to see the Beatles, throwing tomatoes at cops or nearly blowing up your house, we all did stupid kid things and survived. Thus the reason to hide this book from your youngsters and especially your teenagers . . . you might give them ideas! Nearly 60 authors have shared their stories, and many have provided old photos that we have included at the end of their stories. Join us for a laugh-filled trip down Memory Lane.

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