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Trina G. McCarty, Author and Playwright

About the author:

Latrina R. Graves McCarty is originally from Moss Point, MS. McCarty teaches Creative Writing and Journalism; she received her undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism and Speech Communication from the University of Southern Mississippi and her graduate degree from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS. She and her two children, Ana and Joshua, reside in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

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Only A Shadow: Play

Only A Shadow is the second play to "The Light" series. In the first play of the series, Just A Little Sunshine, the theme is impressionistic because it focuses on the memory of the wishes of the late patriarch, Edward Simmons. Only A Shadow allows us a glimpse of the individual lives of Victoria, Sandra, and Gabrielle Simmons in a realistic representation. All three ladies find her own uniqueness, individuality, and they find it in the midst of an illusion of a shadow of darkness.

Just A Little Sunshine (The Light) (Volume 1)


Twenty years ago the Simmons family moved into a 1200 square foot “starter” home, as her late husband described it. However, after the birth of their second child, Gabriella, the family learned that Edward Simmons had a progressive sickness. The Simmons family was upper-middle class, but all their dreams were shattered when the progression of this sickness left Mr. Simmons disabled. Victoria Simmons was the nurse, mom, and rock of the family. The family lived solely on Mr. Simmons’s disability resources, but family income was too excessive for federal assistance. Consequently, the family struggled to make ends meet. Theme: Just A Little Sunshine is an impressionistic play because it focuses on the memory of the wishes of their late patriarch, Edward Simmons. The play also addresses the naivety of their adult children, and how the matriarch determined the final wishes of each daughter. Mrs. Victoria Simmons began the play as the head of the family and ended with the same tenacity. The insurance money represents Just a Little Sunshine to assist each family member with a new start of their own lives.

Off The Court: Play 

Jacqueline Cook and Armon Johnson met in college during their junior year. Jackie hated Armon because she thought he was arrogant, conceited, and just plain stuck on himself. But Armon was persistent and eventually won Jackie’s heart. By their senior year the couple was inseparable. After graduation, Jackie continued her education and received a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology while Armon decided to go into his parent’s family business, Johnson and Johnson Realtors, Incorporated. Armon proposed on the same day Jackie began working as a school counselor. The couple married and they were living the dream with two children, a dog, and a home with a white picket fence. Then everything changed in an instant...

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