Made in the U.S.A.
Corporate Greed, Tax Laws and the Exportation of America's Future

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Best-selling author Barr McClellan presents an extensively researched analysis of the negative impact the exportation of manufacturing jobs overseas has had on the U.S. economy, and how this has fueled the current economic crisis. Over the past eight years, corporate tax loopholes have rewarded companies for exporting jobs while a total suspension of regulations and oversight facilitated an orgy of fiscal irresponsibility.

Over 3.2-million manufacturing jobs were lost in the USA, exported to other countries and undermining the very foundation of our economy. McClellan presents a solid case for encouraging the purchase of products made in the USA, as a solution to restoring our nation's economic health.

Researched and compiled over a five year period, McClellan accurately predicted all of the major economic events of the past two years, including the mortgage meltdown, the stock market collapse and the government's need for emergency measures. Economic recovery for the USA can be quickly achieved, McClellan states, if the preference is given to made in the USA products by a majority of Americans for their everyday consumer purchases.

Buying USA and locally produced merchandise can revitalize the economy through a multiplier effect that counter-balances the negative impact of every exported dollar. Made in the USA is an insightful and hopeful study of how the average American consumer has the power to protect their own jobs, their local economy and the entire nation through responsible consumerism. McClellan argues that short-sighted business practices, often fueled by special tax credits that actually incentivize the outsourcing of jobs overseas, are ultimately self-defeating in their weakening of the U.S. consumer base that these same companies depend on to buy products.


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          Barr McClellan is an author, attorney and entrepreneur. As a former partner in the Austin, Texas Clark Law firm, McClellan dealt with a variety of cases covering international trade, consumer products, consumer protections and tax structures. Now residing in New York City, McClellan is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant. He and his wife, Cecile, also maintain a residence in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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