Fran McNabb, Author

Fran McNabb grew up along the beaches and waterways of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and uses these settings in most of her books. Since 2006 she wrote tender romance and historical romance for Avalon Books, a library distributor. Her last book with Avalon, ON THE CREST OF A WAVE, was a finalist in the 2010 National Readers' Choice Awards. Her latest book, WINDSWEPT, was released by Amazon Montlake in December 2012. WINDSWEPT is set in Key West, FL, during the early 1800's when wrecking played an important influence in the development of the area.


Fran is in the process of converting her five books under her penname of Fran Fisher to her Fran McNabb brand. Two books are now available. They are PLAYING WITH FEELING and FOREVER, MY LOVE. These two books have been revised for a more traditional romance reader.




En route to marry the fiancé handpicked by her father, Virginia Ames gets shipwrecked off the coast of the beautiful Florida Keys. Her rescuer, the dashing Captain Slader, is a wrecker who specializes in salvaging cargo from sunken vessels. As a native New Englander, Virginia grew up in wealth but felt most comfortable on the docks, among the ships. This special connection to the sea is one of the few things the privileged heiress and the rugged captain share. But mixed with the captain’s handsome looks, could this passion be enough to drive Virginia’s marriage plans off course?


Captain John Slader is no stranger to the winds of change himself. He’d once lost the thing he held most dear: his family. But now that those same winds have sent him the lovely Virginia, will he risk his heart yet again? Virginia’s fiancé, an up-and-coming politician, may be able to offer her a world of wealth and comfort—but could he cherish her as John would, with a love as boundless as the ocean itself?


Playing with Feeling

Past experiences have a way of blinding a person from the truth… Journalist, photographer, and single mother, Angie Lathem, prides herself on being objective and fair, but when she comes face-to-face with her new assignment, Coach Garrett Fuller, she finds it isn’t’ easy to forget the past and see beyond preconceived notions. In PLAYING WITH FEELING, these two professionals find that even when playing the field is rocky, love can find a way to grow.






A Light in the Dark (Avalon Romance)

Snow-covered mountains, a secluded cabin, and a crackling fire had always given English professor Margaret Daniels what she needed to escape the chaos of the holiday season. Little did she know that when she opened her door for Paul Reynor to carry in a load of firewood, this holiday would turn out to be unlike any other. Paul's take-control attitude and his down-home charm bring a smile to her lips but add to the confusion of her empty heart.

No longer content to live in her late husband's memory, Margaret contemplates a prestigious job offer, a move that seemed so simple before meeting Paul. Now with their growing closeness throughout the snow-filled days, they both fight and attraction that seems totally wrong.

Can love bridge the cultural gap and show them the wonders of a second chance?

Once in a Half Moon (Avalon Romance)

Coming home was supposed to make life easier for Nikki Clark, but on the first day of her new job her world is turned upside down when she comes face-to-face with Russ Preston, the former husband of her best friend in college. Nikki hoped to make a clean start after her divorce, but seeing Russ again after so many years brings back a lot of old memories.

Buying a charter boat helped Russ survive the years while his little girl, Libby, endured operations from a serious accident and his wife found solace in the arms of the child's doctor. Russ is unsure whether introducing someone new into Libby's life is a good idea, even an old friend like Nikki. Now Nikki must work with Russ every day as she schedules fishing charters for a coast hotel. Being constantly thrown together brings Nikki and Russ closer and they have to decide if it's worth risking their friendship for a chance at the sort of love that comes along once in a half moon.

Forever, My Love


Can love survive for over a hundred and fifty years? An architectural engineer and a biology professor tackle that question when the engineer finds a love note in the wall of a Civil War fort he is restoring. When dark secrets threaten to shatter their relationship, they too must find what makes a love forever. This book is a revision of Forever, My Love by Fran Fisher, the author’s former penname. It has been rewritten for a more traditional romance audience.







On the Crest of a Wave

Camille Hollander is struggling to keep her family fed and safe during the last years of the Civil War. She and the other Gulf Coast villagers learn to live with Union-occupied cities on their east and west, and a prisoner of war camp on an island just twelve miles south of the coast. When her brother is captured, however, Camille faces the biggest struggle of all. Meeting Major Jake Warren, the Union commander of the island camp, makes her realize that her Northern foes aren't always the villains they're supposed to be. Family members and lifelong friends can cause just as much pain and anguish when they refuse to see beyond a blue uniform. Camille must face a world that has turned its back on her. Can she leave the only home she's ever known to be with the man she loves?



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