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Sue Monkress, an Oklahoma native, presently resides in Orange Grove, Mississippi. Her previous career of 26 years at ConocoPhillips Company included positions as a customer service rep/credit analyst and tax analyst.

Her travel, teaching, and spending time with her grandchildren inspire her to share her love of reading. She is currently working on short stories and some children's book ideas.

My Gabe

When Calli McDermott is hurled out of the path of a speeding motorcycle by a mysterious transfer student, never in her wildest dreams could she envision the magical encounters which lay ahead ...


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Memories from Maple Street, U.S.A.:
Leaving Childhood Behind

by Cheryl Pierson, Kathleen Rice Adams, Celia Yeary, Shayna Matthews, Vella Munn, Vonn McKee, Carol Huff, Sue A. Monkress, Jim Landwehr, and L.D.B. Taylor

Growing up is a miraculous time. The journey from the freedom of childhood to the workaday life of becoming an adult is filled with both poignancy and wonder. Fond memories of pedaling bikes through honeysuckle-scented streets with a pack of neighborhood friends and playing “kick the can” and stickball on warm summer evenings alight with fireflies are accompanied by the inevitable loss of people and places dear to the heart—and a seminal moment when we know we’re leaving childhood behind.

           These are the stories of a turning point—when the world shifted, and nothing would ever be the same. In this first collection of the MEMORIES FROM MAPLE STREET, U.S.A., series, Sundown Press brings you real-life stories, from the touching to the humorous, the inspirational to the adventurous, and a wonderful group of childhood memories you’ll never forget.

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The Adventures of Will Walker

A Marco Polo Journey


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Join Will, his Father and crazy Uncle on their exciting journey, recreating the travels of Marco Polo six centuries earlier! Dangerous sea crossings and desert adventures keep Will and an awesome new friend constantly wondering: "What’s around the next corner??!!


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Long Horizon
Paperback $14.95

Travel back in time with Jessie to the exciting 1900's oil boom in wild, beautiful Oklahoma -- to an era when those entrepreneurs BOLD enough to gamble on their dreams amassed fortunes!


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A 'Mess' of Short Stories
A collection of "Southern" flavored short stories

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