Princess Starlite and the Blue Ice Crystal 
Chief True Blue and Sasha Pursue the Wicked Spellbinder
 Paperback and Kindle

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Kingdom, and the Blue Ice Crystal has the power to protect the kingdom from all harm. The wicked Spellbinder steals the Crystal and threatens to cast spells on her kingdom and the adjoining Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire kingdoms. Chief True Blue is the finest scout and tracker in the land, and his Siberian Husky, Sasha, are called in to capture the spellbinder and retrieve the Blue Ice Crystal.

The Wicked Spellbinder creates dangerous and perilous spellbinding situations in the path of the intrepid chief and his courageous Husky assistant.

There are many comic situations that the chief and Sasha encounter on their journey. There are the Ruby villagers, who are under the spellbinderís spell and can only talk and sing in animal voices; the Emerald villagers, who are under his spell and can only walk backward; and the Sapphire villagers, who form the human rattlesnake chain.



Cinderella Diary

A "Not-So-Grimm Faerie Tale"



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          Cinderella writes about her hopes and dreams in her diary and about a time when her name was just Ella. We are introduced to new and unexpected characters like rappin' mice Snip and Snap, a Fairy Godmother who has no idea what to do with a pumpkin, a romantic Latin mystery man and of course the usual suspects, the mean step mother and her bratty daughters, Hattie, Hortense and Cleomartine. "The Cinderella Diary" is the second in Lee Green Pope's series of "Not So Grimm Faerie Tales."


Enchanted Toy Shop



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Mrs. Goody and her eight year old daughter Cindy are very busy preparing to open the toy shop.  Mrs. Goody needs to make enough money by Christmas Eve to make the final mortgage payment, otherwise mean old Mr. Cranky will take it over and tear it down to build a garbage dump.  He plans to come back after midnight with his son Bully and Bully's  friend Lumpy and wreck the toy shop.
        But this is an Enchanted Toy Shop and the magic starts at midnight at the stroke of  twelve.  That is when the toys come alive and they sing, dance and play games until morning. The captain of the toy soldiers tells Dancing Doll and all the toys that he heard Cranky's plans and they must save the toy shop.
        This charming story, the third in Lee's "Not So Grimm Faerie Tales" series will appeal to children five through twelve.  There is a little message for all the readers that is revealed when  we learn the surprising reason why Mr. Cranky is so mean.

The Twelve Outrageous Dancing Princesses


The Mystery of the Worn-Out Slippers


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   The Twelve Outrageous Dancing Princesses started out as a play that was performed many times over the years in several theatres with many young performers for large appreciative audiences.

   In book form it is now the first in the series of "Not So Grim Faerie Tales" by Lee Green Pope.  Each tale is told with humor, surprising twists and turns and delightful characters.

   "Outrageous" tells the story of a king who had 12 beautiful daughters who loved to dance.  The king would only allow them to go out dancing on Saturday night because they danced so much they wore out their slippers, but the princesses said that was not enough.

Every night the king personally locked all the windows and doors but the princesses had found a secret way to get out of the palace.  So every night they went out dancing and every morning there were 12 pairs of worn out slippers.  Everyone called it 'The Mystery of The Worn Out Slippers.'The king sent out a proclamation that said that if any prince solved The Mystery of The Worn Out Slippers, he would be allowed to choose one of the twelve dancing princesses for his bride, but if he failed he would be sentenced to a mysterious punishment.

   A handsome, young commoner named Robyn Wood of Sherwood Forest Apartments came to the king and made him an offer he could not refuse.

   A weird old man who was really a wizard returned Robyn's kindness by telling him how to solve the mystery.

   Robyn meets the twelve princesses Esmeralda, Delphine, Jasmine, Lucinda, Mimi, Flora, Teresita, Valerie, Willow, Rosalind, Zoe and Celeste.  He then sets out to solve the Mystery of The Worn Out Slippers and to win the hand of the beautiful Celeste.



Lee Green Pope is an author, playwright, acting coach, storyteller, and award-winning director. In addition to her many theatrical awards she received the 2001 National Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service. This award was co founded by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Senator Robert Taft.

Mrs. Pope has written twenty youth plays and all of them have been produced in various theatres. In addition she has adapted four Shakespeare plays which were presented with original music and dance. She has presented play writing workshops at Mississippi Theatre Association conventions, Southeastern Theatre conventions and Gulfport Little Theatre.
She has conducted summer theatre camps for young people ages 4 to eighteen which included basics of theatre and young playwrights workshops and has been a story teller at libraries and elementary schools. Some of her short stories, limericks and poetry have been published in the Magnolia Quarterly.
She is presently Youth Program Director with Gulfport Little Theatre and is working on another in her series of "Not So Grimm Faerie Tales."

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