Sandra Lynn Price, Author


                Katrina’s Grace: Wind, Water and Wisdom
takes us on Sandra’s journey of recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Join her from a pre-hurricane fall that left her helpless and found her at her daughter’s home waiting and wondering what was happening in Gulfport, to first sight of her destroyed home, car, and treasures. The journey continues through a lifetime of memories as lost treasures were unearthed, to the streams of volunteers who came to help her wade through the upheaval, build a temporary living space, and care for her neighbors and others in the community. As we read Sandra’s story, we remember our own grief and loss after Katrina or similar disaster experiences. This story speaks not only to the survivors, but to disaster responders who come to pick up the pieces yet don't hear the rest of the story of those with whom they shared an hour or a week, and finally they and all readers are able to feel the pain around the disasters where they served. Additionally, it provides insight for volunteers going into disaster work. A powerful yet sensitive story of dwelling in Grace and the incredible gifts of Grace from nature; from those who prayed, sent gifts, and came; and from living memories. Weaving reflections on lost treasures with journal excerpts, poetry, stories of those who came to help, sent needed materials and supplies, and also prayed, Sandra Price presents stories from a heart-breaking disaster. Katrina’s Grace invites us into the depth of Sandra’s soul and on into the depth of our own souls. As we read her story, we remember our own disasters and weep, laugh and ponder. And we can understand why Sandra said of Katrina, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

Sandra Lynn Price is an author, retreat leader, and spiritual director who helps people discover their inner wisdom and resilience so they can become more fully alive, more connected, and more whole. During Sandra’s initial career as Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Mississippi State University, she led the development of the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute as part of the National Writing Project. Sharing the work with those teachers was the highlight of her first career.

 At age 51 she retired to go on her deepening spiritual journey to seminary and beyond. After seminary she established and directed Silentia Center for Spiritual Formation for several years before she became a church pastor. All through those years of teaching and pastoring, Sandra felt a call to be a writer. She wrote volumes in her journals and amassed piles of manuscripts intended to become books, but published only a few poems.

Finally in 2004 Sandra retired from pastoring to devote herself full time to her writing. She moved to Gulfport, Mississippi, to live in community with close friends and write. Today her work is writing and volunteering with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. In the latter, her primary role is coordinating Emotional and Spiritual Care curriculum development of two types of programs: resilience retreats for those who serve others and trainings for preparing responders to offer emotional and spiritual care. Sandra remembers sitting on her haunches ‘writing in the dirt' as a little girl. In high school she sat for hours in front of her upstairs window writing... writing... writing, sometimes on unlined sheets of paper, sometimes in a diary. Then in 1977 for Christmas she was given her first adult journal. By the time Katrina struck, Sandra had over a hundred journals filled with reflections, poems, and soul work. Since Katrina that writing has continued and grown into this book sharing all the Grace she experienced after Katrina.

Sandra’s published poetry includes a thank-you poem to those who came to help after Katrina, Like Magi, You Have Come and Mama’s Rolls. Both are included in Katrina’s Grace. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, Sandra now lives beside water near Jackson and Starkville, Mississippi, writing, enjoying life with her family and friends, and thriving on paying it forward through her continuing disaster relief work.

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