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                William Ruleman's first two collections of poetry, A Palpable Presence (2001) and Sacred & Profane Loves (2002), were published by Feather Books, while his books of translation include Poems from Rainer Maria Rilke's Neue Gedichte (WillHall Books, 2003), Vienna Spring: Early Stories & Novellas of Stefan Zweig (Ariadne Press, 2010), A Girl and the Weather: Poems and Prose of Stefan Zweig (Cedar Springs Books, 2014), and Verse for the Journey, which was also published by Cedar Springs Books in 2014 and features poems on the wandering life by German Romantic poets.

               Ruleman is currently Professor of English at Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, Tennessee.                      My blog: http://williamruleman.tumblr.com/


From Rage to Hope

The beauty of William Ruleman’s content and craft takes the reader at full sail into Mr. Ruleman’s sonnets, both Italian and English. There is music in his ballads, architecture in the skyline of his odes, and the highest honor bestowed upon those poets whose work he has translated. Finally, the quatrains of his “Late Night Thoughts on a New Year’s Morning” are beyond superlatives. Everyone who enters this book and knows the territory will see craft at its best and agree that William Ruleman is the finest of poets and most definitely, as Eliot put it about Pound: Il miglior fabbro!
~ John Pritchard, Junior Ray, The Yazoo Blues, Sailing to Alluvium

Paperback $14.00

Selected Poems of Maria Luise Weissmann

by Maria Luise Weissmann (Author), William Ruleman (Translator)

When Munich-based poet Maria Luise Weissmann (1899-1929) died unexpectedly at the age of thirty, her peers on the German literary scene knew that the world had lost a poet of great promise—and one whose passing gave as much cause for grief, Otto Heuschele noted, as the recent death of Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Influenced by Hofmannsthal and Rilke both, Weissmann spoke with a voice that also recalled—in its formal restraint yet vulnerable candor—that of her American contemporary Edna St. Vincent Millay, though one distinctively her own. Her subjects were wide-ranging—saints, prophets, animals wild and domestic, characters from classic literature such as Don Quixote and Robinson Crusoe, the modern city, nature, and love—and her treatment of them was, by turns, solemn, witty, and profound. This volume provides, for the very first time, a substantial offering of her poems in an English version.

Paperback  $14.00

A Girl and the Weather: Prose and Poems

by Stefan Zweig (Author), Dr. William Ruleman (Translator)

The poems and prose in this selection show Stefan Zweig at his lyrical best. Even the sensational title story, in which a heat-crazed hotel guest is consumed by his lust for a younger woman, is finally rhapsodic. All in all, these works demonstrate that Zweig’s sensibility was, first and foremost, that of a poet.

Paperback  $16.00

A Palpable Presence

This collection of spiritual or devotional poems, originally published in 2001, offers prayers for those with various psychic disorders, reflections on the life and death of Christ, tributes to various early saints of the Church, satire directed at the modern world from a Christian perspective, and poems in praise of God's creation.

Paperback  $15.00
Profane and Sacred Loves

This is a revised edition of the book of poems published under the same title in 2002. It features verse related to love throughout the ages, art and the artist's life, the woes of contemporary corporate culture, the challenges facing our planet today, and the travails and boons of human mortality as a whole.

Paperback  $20.00

Verse for the Journey: Poems on the Wandering Life

Slipping snugly into a knapsack, this book features poems on the subject of wandern ("wandering") by such German Romantics as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Ludwig Tieck, Joseph von Eichendorff, Eduard Mörike, Nikolaus Lenau, and a host of others. The wisdom offered herein should inspire anyone about to embark on (or simply ponder) a long walking tour or merely a day hike. It is ideal for all who seek beauty, peace, and rejuvenation amid the wonders of God's creation.

Paperback  $10.58

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