Robert Shows, Author

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A Sentence of Death: Words that Killed a President is a step back into time and history. The novel is a meld of historical fact and fiction surrounding the assassination, stimulating the reader to a thought provoking analysis of what could have happened before and after that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.

Fifteen years after the assassination, the U.S Congress re-opened the Kennedy investigation. Their findings: “…the facts suggest that President Kennedy was killed as the direct result of a conspiracy.” This work offers plausible answers to the who, what, when, where and how of the assassination.

The character and action driven historical fiction novel creates an atmosphere of intrigue, treason, murder, cover-up, and eventual, but delayed disclosure of the men responsible for the death of a President.

Robert Shows is a fifth generation Mississippian, a graduate of the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, and a graduate of The University of Mississippi School of Medicine. He did post-graduate training in Virginia and is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine. During his career as an emergency physician he spent eight years as a Medical Officer in the United States Army National Guard. He is presently retired from Emergency Medicine, yet still practices medicine in the Urgent Care setting.

Robert has published several short stories of southern humor under the pen name of Yockanookany Ned. As a student of mathematics and physics in his younger years, before switching to a curriculum of pre-med, his scientific studies gave him the background for his writings in Science Fiction. And, as a student of history, he has just finished a novel, after years of research, on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

His love of writing comes from his maternal grandmother… a college English teacher, whose knowledge and expertise of the English language and literature forever engrained in him the joy and inspiration of the written word. She is an influence on him to this day.

Robert and his wife Janice reside in Madison, Mississippi near their two daughters.

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