Janet Taylor-Perry, Author

Kindle Edition

Whatever It Takes

The Raiford Chronicles, v.4


Detective Raiford Reynolds has always done whatever it takes to crack a case, but when the case involves hurting his family, and he is not the one even investigating, he changes his tune quickly. Suddenly, whatever it takes includes putting the life and well-being of his family and friends in danger, especially his headstrong youngest child, Cherie. Ray must come to terms with the fact that he is growing older and many things are changing. He must learn that whatever it takes means letting go and not being the one in control of a situation. Whatever It Takes makes a detour from tracking a crazed killer as in its three predecessors. This time the residence of Eau Boueuse, Louisiana, deal with an organization of neo-Nazis who will do whatever it takes to advance their warped agenda. Ray suspects that the Feds have an agent undercover within the group, but he has no clue how close his own family is tied to the operation. Whatever It Takes is filled with intrigue heightened by forbidden romance. And once again, the underlying theme of faith in the worst circumstances encompasses the characters.


Kindle Edition



The Raiford Chronicles, v.3

Police Chief Raiford Reynolds learns that true evil never dies until the end of time as he encounters a brutal, maniacal killer bent on revenge. A number of police officers and FBI agents are assassinated by a skilled sniper who leaves no evidence. The first dead law enforcement officer is Ray's own sister-in-law, and all the others were somehow instrumental in the capture and death of Latrice Descartes twenty years before any one of them was killed. Once again, Ray finds his personal life and his professional life cannot be separated as his family become targets of a mad man.




Kindle Edition




The Raiford Chronicles, v.2


From the author of the critically acclaimed Pirates' Alley Faulkner Wisdom semi-finalist, Lucky Thirteen, comes the second book in The Raiford Chronicles. Police Chief Ray Reynolds did not think there could be a more brutal, heartless killer than Latrice Descartes whom he had encountered fourteen years earlier. His thirteenth wedding anniversary dinner is interrupted by one of his detectives to tell him an old married acquaintance, who also happens to be a United States Senator, has been found murdered in the presence of a much younger woman and that both are missing their hearts. Ray becomes embroiled in another murder mystery that touches even closer to him than the one involving Latrice Descartes.

Kindle Edition


Lucky 13

The Raiford Chronicles, v.2


Twelve women are dead, and a thirteenth is missing. Detective Ray Reynolds races time to catch a killer. Nothing ties the victims together, except the way in which they died. What Ray discovers blows him away as the battle takes on a supernatural element. There's just one small catch - evidence points to Ray as the murderer.

From a small town in Mississippi, Larkin Sloan is a dynamic young teacher in the equally small town of Eau Bouease, Louisiana. Abducted, she foregoes common sense and rational behavior in order to stay alive and not become the thirteenth victim of a serial killer.

About the author:

Janet Taylor-Perry, a native of Laurel, Mississippi, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in psychology, Belhaven University with a Master of Arts in teaching, & gifted certification from Mississippi College, is an author, editor, and educator in English, social studies, & gifted. She has taught 5th - 12th grades in a number of districts in the state. She currently teaches life skills in a variety of areas with Goodwill Industries of Mississippi.

Janet's short pieces appeared in Letters from the Soul, 2002; Brick Streets Press: 2010 Winner's Circle; & The Magnolia Quarterly, 2012 & 2013. She's produced pieces that finished semi-finalist, short-list finalist, & finalist for The Pirate's Alley Faulkner Wisdom Competition in 2012 & 2013. Memberships include Red Dog Writers, Gulf Coast Writers Association, The Mississippi Writers' Guild &.TheNextBigWriter.com.


Inspiration comes through life experiences. She's the mother of 5 & an avid reader who loves anything old and historical from antique cars to old cemeteries. She's on Facebook @ Author Janet Taylor-Perry.

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