Jeana Weiss-Mitchell, Author

Jeana Weiss-Mitchell is an author, coach, and advocate. She's leveraged her painful past to help others break the cycle of defeat and create a new future. Proceeds from this book help support hands of Help, a 501c3 charity empowering the hurting to experience authentic healing.

Soul Pane: Finding Peace with your Past to Free your Future


"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains. And we never even know we have the key." —The Eagles

Are the chains of a painful past holding  you back from creating a new future full of hope and freedom? We can only heal from our hurts by moving through them–not running from them.

Soul Pane invites readers to consider another way—and another world. Enter a story where wholeness is possible because faith is believable.

Author Jeana Weiss-Mitchell knows trauma in an intimate way. And yet she is a survivor. Jeana starts her story by sharing how her birth mother abandoned her in the hospital. But despite this deep level of pain, she didn't allow herself to stay down.

Jeana didn't settle for silence either.

She dared to ask God some big questions. Sometimes she heard only whispers back as a response and other times she heard clear answers.

Throughout her journey, she found a way to emerge as a victor. Regardless of her difficult past, she still found a way to create a new future.

In Soul Pane, Jeana shares a powerful process of healing and hope to equip us to work through our own trials. Take a deep dive through your pain and discover how to find peace with your past—so that you too can free your future. Soul Pane shares Jeana's story, plus the stories of others, to encourage the reader to overcome the traumas and pain. Are self-limiting beliefs keeping you in chains?

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