Frank J Wilem, Author


of Coral

October 2014



Tears of Coral

 The saga of Captain Phillips becomes very real for Quint and Dawson’s team when one of their own is captured by Somali pirates while sailing around the world. The couple is captured during the middle of the night and with their boat on fire and sinking, are thrown into the oily bilges of the pirate’s mother ship. But it is painfully clear that the worst is yet to come: the pirates plan to sell the woman into white slavery and to have her husband become an organ donor.

The team is in the midst of settling into their new operational center in a WW II sub base located on an island off the southern coast of Cuba when they get word. With no one else to save the couple, the team the team races to Africa on a rescue mission. Though vastly outnumbered and outgunned, the team must take on the legion of pirates.

But as if this is not enough, an old nemesis has decided it’s time to settle the score by killing the team and capturing Quint and Dawson with hopes of torturing them in a sick plot seeking vengeance. Can the team rescue the hostages before it’s too late? Will the old nemesis finally realize their dreams of revenge?







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The Aral

A fleet of fishing boats sits in the middle of a desert where the waters of the Aral Sea once stood. No more fish; no more lush vegetation. Just massive dust storms spreading chemical pollutants from the lake sediments, sickening the few locals who remain.

Not only did the Soviets cause the worst manmade ecological disaster in the history of the world, they made matters worse by building the world’s largest bioweapons lab in the middle of this wasteland.

With the sea shrunk to a mere fourth of its former size, a band of criminals now has easy access to a cache of anthrax, VX nerve agent, and—most terrifying—a genetically altered strain of small pox for which there is no prevention and no cure.

When Quint learns that terrorists are bent on using these bioweapons to wreak havoc and further their twisted jihad, he knows his plans for fishing in the Florida Keys are about to be placed on hold. He and his buddy Dawson find themselves facing death at every turn as they race from Key West to Uzbekistan to the frozen Arctic, determined to prevent a terrorist attack.

Refusing to give up, they face obstacles including dust storms, armed mercenaries, old enemies, and even traitors within their own ranks. As they navigate the frigid expanse of northern Russia, not everyone will make it out unscathed.

The real-life ecological disaster of The Aral serves as a perfect backdrop for this fast-paced adventure novel. The quirky characters on Quint’s team make it a fun ride.




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Fact: A live nuclear bomb lies in shallow water off the U.S. coast – one of dozens lost around the world!

          The year is 1958. A B-47 bomber carrying a live nuclear weapon is returning from a simulated attack on the Soviet Union when it collides with an F-86 Sabre jet fighter plane. In a desperate attempt to land safely, the crew requests and is granted permission to jettison the bomb. But instead of being over deep water as they believe, they are just off the coast of the southern United States in less than 20 feet of water when they drop the bomb.

          Based on this true event, The Pass takes you inside the cockpit of the bomber for this harrowing experience before joining Quint and Dawson over fifty years later in this sequel to The Keys. They are on a mission to locate and recover the lost bomb–a mission that quickly becomes a wild race against a group of terrorists bent on detonating the bomb in their twisted jihad against the U.S. With one of the worst hurricanes in history bearing down on them. Quint’s team is pushed to the limit as they struggle against overwhelming odds and a well-armed enemy that will stop at nothing to get the bomb.

The Keys

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The Keys

Ever considered just getting into your car and heading to parts unknown? Most people have—few actually do. Quint not only considers ditching his cheating wife and dead-end job for a tropical escape, he does it—and heads for the Keys.

After finishing two tours of duty as a Navy SEAL, Quint had longed for an ordinary life away from death and brutality. However, his post-service American dream—a loveless marriage and a mind-numbingly boring job—becomes nothing more than a deep sleep, and he finds himself longing for a sense of purpose, a mission. He begins his new life tamely enough as a charter boat captain in the Florida Keys, but soon events converge to thrust Quint into a race to find the world’s most valuable treasure. While diving an old Spanish shipwreck, he faces rogue naval forces and a vile cadre of pirates and thieves who are also committed to snatching the treasure from the grasp of ancient history or from anyone who gets in their way.


Frank J. Wilem, is an entrepreneur living in Gulfport, Mississippi with his wife, Dee Dee, and daughter, Brittany. Frank's love for the sea blossomed during his high school years at West High in Torrance, California, when a friend convinced him to snorkel off Lunada Bay in Palos Verde. When it was his turn to use the mask, one look beneath the chilly Pacific waters and he was hooked. After graduating from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, the call of the ocean led him to the University of Miami where he earned a Masters degree in Ocean Engineering.

Frank worked in the R&D departments for two Fortune 500 companies, Texas Instruments and Chrysler, before his love of the ocean led him to join Computer Sciences Corporation at NASA's Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. He left there to become a founder of Triton Systems, Inc., which he and his partners grew into a $100 million company and the nation's largest manufacturer of automatic teller machines. With the sale of Triton, Frank purchased his sportfish boat Vixen and pursued his passion for bluewater fishing. Most days he and Captain Eric Gill can be found in the northern waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the Bahamas, chasing billfish, tuna, wahoo and dolphin. The Keys is Wilem's first book.

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